Design Day Letter

We are proud of our students for their diligence and dedication throughout the school year. In celebration for the culmination of their hard work, here is a letter from our dean.


This is the best day of the academic year! This is the day when we show the world how engineers design solutions to societal problems and improve the quality of life. In the Engineering Design Program at the University of Arizona, multidisciplinary teams of engineering seniors work to solve design problems identified by industry partners, faculty, and student clubs.

This event only exists because of the hard work of students, mentors, faculty, and, importantly, the many individuals and organizations that sponsor projects and help mentor and guide our student teams. On behalf of our students and faculty, thank you to all of our sponsors and industry partners. It is because of you the program continues to get bigger and better every year.

This year we have more than 500 students, majoring in virtually every engineering discipline offered by the College of Engineering, demonstrating 100-plus completely original engineering projects, some of which will go on to be commercial products. Please enjoy the day and ask design teams about their projects. Our students are enthusiastic about their designs and appreciate opportunities to explain how they intend to help change the world for the better.




Jeffrey B. Goldberg
Dean, College of Engineering