Sponsor Opportunities & Benefits

There are several levels of sponsorship for our interdisciplinary Engineering Design Program. All sponsorship dollars
support project expenses, as well as one year of program administration and mentoring.
Please contact us to learn more about our unique sponsorship possibilities!

Sponsor and Mentor a Design Project



Additional project funding is sometimes necessary on a team-by-team basis

Get early access to recruit top engineering students

Find a fresh perspective on a problem you really want solved

Sponsor and Mentor a Design Project


(Faculty and Student Clubs)

Outside-the-box solutions from the fresh perspectives of upcoming engineers

More patents result

Student interest drives more papers and exhibits produced

Sponsor an Award in a Select Area of Excellence


*Limited Availability

Name an award for your company

Media attention on Design Day

Brand representation at Open House and Design Day

Sponsor Design Day or the Program as a Whole



Increase your organization's visibility in the UA community

Opportunities available to sponsor new ENGR 498 initiatives

Contact us to begin collaborating today

What’s required from sponsors?
Raise your company’s public profile by sponsoring a senior design project at the University of Arizona.

Become a Sponsor

What You Provide

– A meaningful, open-ended interdisciplinary design project

– A mentor who is interested in the specific project and in working with young engineers, who can attend several on-campus design reviews, and can meet or teleconference with the team on a periodic basis

– Sponsors have the option of providing additional cash or in-kind funding (materials, equipment, specialized manufacturing help, etc.) for their projects if needed.

What You Get

A team of 4-6 senior engineering students work on your project from August-May and proceed through:

– Requirements definition and
preliminary design

– Conceptual design
– Details design and analysis
– Implementation and testing

You could receive a working prototype and test results at the end of the academic year, together with a final report from each team you sponsor.

University Resources

Design teams have access to a wide array of resources at the University of Arizona. These include electrical benches, a machine shop, wind tunnels, computer simulation and modeling software, materials testing equipment, rapid prototyping, optical labs plus the wide range of expertise provided by the faculty.

Sponsor Benefits

By sponsoring a senior design project, you provide meaningful design work for a team of motivated students at a very reasonable cost. You’ll find fresh perspectives for a dilemma you really want to have solved. By participating in the UA Senior Design Program, you get early access to top engineering students who are about to graduate. You can also directly contribute to the development of engineering students!

How to Formulate a Successful Project:

Choose an invigorating problem that you or your company really want solved. Real-world scenarios are more significant and meaningful for both you and your student team.

Propose a project that is open-ended enough to allow your design team to use their creative talents.

Please do not choose a project involving only the accumulation of published information and/or test data. (A “task-type” project may not provide the latitude for the “fresh approach” thinking which your team can bring to the project).

Projects should be designed to draw from across many of the engineering disciplines that participate in the ENGR 498 Interdisciplinary Engineering Design program.

Avoid projects that involve sharing extensive proprietary materials.

Plan for a project that can be completed within the academic year.

Seek a project which will stand on its own and which is not on the critical path of a program that has a stringent deadline.

Establish concrete, measurable goals and define how success will be determined.