Project Title: Anti-Drone Device

RaytheonTeam 16003 Members:
Jessica Bingxin Cheung, electrical and computer engineering (team lead)
Sydney Clark, electrical and computer engineering
Ivan Cordoba, electrical and computer engineering
Evan Deforest, mechanical engineering
Justin Larimore, biomedical engineering
Shivani Patel, electrical and computer engineering

Sponsor: Raytheon Missile Systems

Students Take System from Computer Simulation to Reality

We're showing mercy – for now. Team 15003 lead Jessica Cheung holds one of the testing drones while her teammates discuss how they plan to destroy it. From left to right: Evan Deforest, Justin Larimore, Sydney Clark, Cheung, Shivani Patel, and Ivan Cordoba.The Federal Aviation Administration has documented hundreds of close calls between drones and aircraft. Drone swarms are not only dangerous to commercial, rescue and firefighting aviation but they are also a threat to national defense.

Team Dead Drone, sponsored by Raytheon Missile Systems, is designing and assembling a scaled-down anti-drone system, built entirely with off-the-shelf products. The system is expected to detect, track, and electronically or mechanically disable a pair of drones simultaneously.

“We have to show our sponsor that we’re doing the right thing, on their schedule,” said team lead Jessica Bingxin Cheung.

Because Raytheon is particularly interested in the threats commercial drones pose to naval vessels, specs also call for a system that can withstand extreme maritime environments.

The team started with a computerized version of the system that required a user to enter code to disable a simulated drone, something that will be automated in the final project.

The system consists of a microcomputer, LCD screen, Wi-Fi antenna, and a protective case to guard against rain, wind and humidity. Once a drone is detected, the device automatically connects to the drone’s Wi-Fi access point and sends commands via Telnet, an internet protocol for remote communication, to shut it down.

Now that students have experienced success on the computer – and at the Critical Design Review – Team Dead Drone is focused on writing documentation and creating the finished product, which they will demonstrate on the UA Mall at Design Day 2017 on May 1!