Engineering Design Day

The Ultimate Challenge

All UA Engineering students take design courses and complete design projects. That’s one big reason recruiters consider our students work ready. The majority also participate in the UA Engineering Design Program.

Interdisciplinary teams of four to six seniors collaborate on industry-sponsored projects in the fall and spring semesters of their final year as part of the Design Program.

Teams design, build and test tools and technologies in areas ranging from aerospace to electronics and from energy to medicine. The projects are anything but pie in the sky – although many do involve flying objects!

Seniors conduct their projects in wind tunnels and at mines, manufacturing and wastewater treatment plants, wildlife preserves and medical labs; and with some of the world’s largest telescopes.

The culmination of their efforts comes on Engineering Design Day, the UA College of Engineering’s biggest – and some say best – event. The seniors present their projects to industry judges and the general public, and compete for thousands of dollars in awards for innovation and excellence.

Student wearing UA shirt and protective eyewear uses a circular saw to cut metal, sending up a shower of sparks

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