Mentor Greg OgdenChemical engineer guides seniors in the process of becoming practitioners.

As a process engineer for more than 20 years, Greg Ogden has helped companies improve their industrial processes. As a mentor in the UA Engineering Design Program for six years, he has helped seniors establish effective procedures for their team projects and make smooth transitions from college students to practicing engineers.

His journey began with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Washington and University of Colorado, respectively. He worked as a process engineer for companies in Colorado and New Mexico for several years.

A UA faculty appointment for his wife Kim Ogden brought him to Tucson in 1993. The pair founded the local consulting firm Ogden Engineering & Associates in 1999, which has completed several Small Business Innovation Research projects related to green propellants and renewable fuels.

Greg earned a PhD in chemical engineering from the UA in 2002 and joined the faculty of the department of chemical and environmental engineering as an associate research professor in 2006.

He says mentoring Engineering Design teams provides a stimulating break from business as usual.

“Finding a way to utilize my process engineering skills in a project design class is challenging, as the projects more often focus on the design cycle and product design, rather than processes.”

What keeps him mentoring from year to year?

“Seeing that light bulb turn on, when students really take ownership of their projects. That’s a big part of the transition from student to engineer.”