Mentor Clayton GranthamAlthough retired, Grantham works tirelessly to improve students’ senior capstone experience.

As a second-generation Tucson native, two-time graduate of the University of Arizona College of Engineering and Engineering Design Program mentor since 2007, Clayton Grantham definitely fits the description of “Wildcat for Life.”

After completing his BS in electrical engineering in 1981, Grantham worked for Tucson-based Burr-Brown Corp. as a test engineer and product engineering manager in analog semiconductor engineering. He also published articles to highlight the latest operational amplifiers, data converters and various analog products and, in 1987, earned a master’s degree.

In 1997, he joined National Semiconductor as a test development manager for its power management product line. He retired in 2005.

However, Grantham couldn’t resist the call of the Engineering Design Program.

“When you get to work with these bright young people there is an exuberant feeling – like you’re part of the atoms that are being used to build something bigger,” he said.

Since joining the program, Grantham has mentored almost every team sponsored by Texas Instruments, the company that acquired Burr-Brown shortly after he left.

“I am down in the AME or ECE lab the majority of the time,” he said, “and I don’t leave until they say uncle.”