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The University of Arizona Engineering Interdisciplinary Capstone provides an unparalleled experience to undergraduate engineering students at the University of Arizona – and to real engineering companies. Every year, this program features more advanced design by our senior engineers on a wider array of projects from our sponsors. We’re making huge advancements in relationships with industry and creating the best foundation that a young engineer can have: hands-on, real-world experience.

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The Engineering Interdisciplinary Capstone features:

Students from multiple disciplines

Projects result in working prototype hardware, software and patents


Student teams mentored by industry professionals

Extramural-sponsored projects

Excellent opportunity for early access to top talent

Years in operation

In externally sponsored design awards

Program and Course Development

These unrestricted funds support the expert development of the Engineering Interdisciplinary Capstone by financing the management and administration of the course, including resources such as the website, servers and project management software.

These funds allow for development of a superior program that benefits the community, the sponsor companies and the senior engineering students.

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R&D Resources and Facilities

Every year, the Engineering Interdisciplinary Capstone facilitates the research and development of more than 60 design projects. These projects require the expertise of 350+ students who need laboratory space and collaborative workspace.

Funds contributed here make for a cutting-edge experience, supporting the very tools that engineers uses in the modern marketplace.

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A team of five students in gray polo shirts hold a comically large check, while a man in a gray blazer and blue shirt stands next to them smiling. Several clear trophies are resting on the floor in front of them.

Award Recognition

Awards can be designed to recognize students for unique achievements.

Work with our staff to describe, name and nominate student teams and projects at Craig M. Berge Design Day!

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