Project Title: X-56A DART: Dynamically Scaled Aircraft for Research and Testing Nasaafosr_logolockheed martin

Team 1461 Members:
Rosanna Bether, aerospace engineering
Kristofer Drozd, aerospace engineering
Phillip Greenberg, aerospace engineering
Brianna Grembowski, aerospace engineering
Harry Powell, aerospace engineering

Sponsors: Lockheed Martin, Air Force Office of Scientific Research and NASA

Remotely piloted experimental aircraft are key to testing new aircraft designs.1461_web

Team 1461 worked on modifying the X-56A, which originally had a swept-wing configuration. They developed a half-scale model of the experimental aircraft with straight wings and a tail.

The Dynamically Scaled Aircraft for Research Testing, or DART, will be used to assess the safety and efficiency of various wing configurations – flexible, rigid, straight and swept – in aircraft design.

For their outstanding modifications, the team received the CAID Industries Innovation in Manufacturing Award at Engineering Design Day 2015.

The DART’s successful design was not the only accomplishment that made the team proud.

“We had a lot to do, and one of the biggest things I learned was how to communicate about a very technical project with people who are not as technically experienced,” said team member Phillip Greenberg, who described the design project as the best part of his college experience.